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May 19, 2017 everardbivens

Maybe you have wondered whether a salesman is attempting to use subliminal persuasion techniques on you? Its possible, as youll see in the examples that follow. Using Your Words When speaking with you one persuasion technique that’s taught to those in sales is always to use your own words. What this means is, for instance, that if you usually use the word “worth,” as in “Im not sure if its worth it,” or “Im trying to determine if its worth the price,” the salesman will pick up on that and use it himself. He might locate a product you are interested in and say, “You can see that this one is easily worth the cost.” The technique is founded on a couple facets of human psychology. First, we are more likely to purchase or be persuaded when our concerns are addressed – our own. Additionally, we tend to be persuaded by individuals we can related to easily, and we feel we can connect more readily to a person if this man talks in familiar ways. Involved kinds of this type of subliminal persuasion target entire phrases that you use repeatedly.

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If you have said “I can comprehend,” a few times, for instance, the salesman uses that. He might say, “it is possible to understand why this is the best seller, given the characteristics it has.” We respond nicely to pitches that use our own familiar phrases because we feel that the sales person actually “gets” us. There’s another way our words are used to persuade us. This technique is based on the notion that each of us is influenced more by one or another modality. Quite simply, some are more persuaded by what they hear, while for others it’s what they see, and still others by what they feel. This reveals in our words. An individual who’s more visually inspired will often say things like “I see,” and “I can see what you mean.” Others may more generally say, “I hear what youre saying,” or “I feel like this can be a good deal.” A salesperson trained to pick up on these hints will then correct her language properly. She might demonstrate a listing in writing if your words suggest that you are motivated more by what you see of features. If you are more moved by tactile sensations and instinct she can get you to “feel the quality” of a product or indicate that you simply can “sense” the workmanship in a furniture piece.

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Words – Part Two The well-skilled salesperson uses the techniques above (and maybe ten other subliminal persuasion techniques not covered here), then wrap up the sale by parroting back just what you have said you wanted, assuming he or she has something to suit your needs. For instance, if you’re looking at vacation packages, the sales man might say something like this: “Now, as I recall, you said you wanted an all-inclusive resort on a seashore, for a few days and for less than $2,400. Fortunately we have two options that fit that. Do you want to the one in Puerto Vallarta or book the bundle that is Cancun? It is hard if the salesperson has used your precise words and standards to find what you said you needed to say no at this point. You might even say this is merely doing a great job of serving you, and perhaps it is for your benefit, but it’s still subliminal if you’re unaware the techniques are being used. Folks do not find this strategy most of the time, so its easier to say yes, and they feel uneasy contradicting what they said. Using a person’s own words is strong, and these easy examples are only the tip of the iceberg in regards to subliminal persuasion techniques.

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