Recognizing the big picture when taking into consideration life

May 5, 2013 everardbivens

Our personal experiences of life produce a wide variance of individual perspectives, Values and purposes that are often quite hard to express, Yet there are usually threads that weave between and through our lives that produce our social fabric of Chanel Bag common purpose and meaning: absolutely is, Very absolutely, Our purpose to flourish and our personal meaning is found in our love of the unique process we each produce; The flowing structures of comprehension we each create on this constructive journey through time.

And while from this outlook our big picture of life is a procession of daily experiences that weld together our history with our possible future on a linear timeline, The actual example of human is not linear; Being human is an exponential example of timeless duration.

Is a subtle and versatile sphere of that is a complex sum of perceptions, Thoughts and emotions that expands and contracts with special rhythm, Because this supple connection with is a quality that is elusive at times when obscured beneath our experiences of quantity.

While the big temporal picture encompasses the intellectual alpha and omega of our entire linear spans of life also, A personal expansion that is punctuated with the temporal goals of friends and relations, tutoring, Career and part time, This path is simply one perspectival component.

Because the basic experience of life is in the timeless duration of immediate experience; Of it is like to be humanly conscious and aware Our immediate example of is not one of continuity; It is the fundamental quality of it is like to be a conscious participant of life and is immediately and immutably our most direct experience of living. will probably be the all-Inclusive awareness of life in the immediate moment and produces our cum laude the ignition Bvlgari Fake of artistic expressions and spiritual wonders; It is the spontaneous invocation of love and beauty that exceeds and eludes the progressions of believed that compose our linear experiences.

Linear ideas encompass a complexity of temporal expansions that flash forward from the singularity of the big-Bang into the Cosmology of an allegedly endless multiplicity of Universes; And each of us embodies a personal the nature of purposeful awareness that follows these motions in linear Time.

But ideal big-envision of life is a size-a lesser number of, time-Less simplicity that is an ethereal quality, An immediate knowledge that is ineffable at its heart but which humanity endlessly attempts to express in our finite temporal works of artistic and spiritual expressions.

now, Life is what it is now like human, The spontaneous understanding timeless quality that envelopes and exceeds the quantities of linear process.

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