\The Evolution of American Women's Fashion

September 14, 2012 everardbivens

The Evolution of American Women’s Fashion

Throughout the centuries fashion has changed in almost everything except its name. What started off as a special preserve of the privileged few has become an area in which all people can enjoy no matter what their status is. The old time consuming traditions of hand craftsmanship, which used to put most people out of reach of fashion, has over the years gone through gradual change. But what has been responsible for this progressive change in American women’s fashion over time? What influences have helped shape the way American women’s fashion has panned out over the centuries? Most historians in this area agree that the change and progression in women’s fashion can be credited to outside forces such as the present political conditions or beliefs among the societies in which these women take part in. Rose Kerr, a historian specializing in pop culture and women’s fashion and author of “Historic Costume”, states in the introduction to her book that “costume

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has always been influenced by contemporary conditions-social, religious, and Fake Swiss Mido political.”  
New York is the world’s largest city of fashion in the present day, but this relationship is only one that has been established in the last century or so.   Paris was the centre of fashion since fashion’s beginning, but throughout fashion’s history, America has come out as the present leader in fashion. Fashion has evolved into something that is no longer dictated by high society, but accessible by all people. Many things have influenced the way American women’s fashion has panned out over the centuries, whether it is belief systems of the time, or major events in history. It is a process that can be followed and observed giving answers to why and how fashion has evolved over time. Today, America and its women have helped fashion develop into a force in which anonymous everyday citizens decide what is popular and fashionable.
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