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\Emerald Jewelry for New Mom Alessandra Ambrosio

It a BOY! We extend our heartiest congratulations to Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, who has given birth to her second child. We have got news that 31-year-old Alessandra and her Californian businessman fianc Jamie Mazur Fake Hublot welcomed a healthy baby boy in Florianopolis, Brazil on Monday. The time calls for celebration and lavish gifts like an exquisite piece of emerald jewelry.

As we have not received official information in this regards but it was Ambrosio’s mother-in-law Michelle Mazur who wrote on her Facebook Audemars Piguet Fake Watches page on Monday that her Grandson born in Brazil confirming the news. Love magazine, who has frequently worked with the model, tweeted a congratulatory message to Alessandra Ambrosio for the birth of her baby boy.’

article214102912F9C438000005DC908 468x719 Emerald Jewelry for New Mom Alessandra Ambrosio

This is the second baby of the model and joins the couple’s three-year-old daughter Anja, who was also born in the same city. Interestingly a couple of hours ahead of the birth, Alessandra posted an Instagram photo of a Brazilian beach, where she has been spending the last few weeks of her pregnancy. Along with this on Sunday, Alessandra posted a selection of photos from her baby shower the Raymond Weil Watches previous day, including one of her large belly covered in paint.

OvalEmeraldandDiamondBorderRingSR0218EWGAAAAEM Emerald Jewelry for New Mom Alessandra Ambrosio

All the new moms have the biggest apprehension as to how soon they will get back in shape but this Victoria secret model is determined to be back to her 34-25-34 size in time for the launch of the Victoria’s Secret store in London in July. We are all eagerly waiting to see her but for now it is time that she enjoys some quite time with her family and be showered with gifts especially emeralds that are the birthstone for the month of May. Even the little one will love some Swiss Blancpain Watches jewelry like some baby sets and charms.

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\Guy Pearce on Plucking His Eyebrows and His ‘Lawless’ Character

Guy Pearce in “Lawless”

In prohibition era Franklin County, Va., the trio of Bondurant brothers ran a profitable moonshine business. Everyone was having a grand time, at least where the alcohol was concerned, including the local police force. They looked the other way on the distillation and imbibed their fair share of the spirit until Charlie Rakes, a Chicago Special Deputy with a taste for extortion, rolled into town.

The film “Lawless” was adapted from the book “The Wettest County in the World,” a historical novel written by Matt Bondurant, the grandson of one of the main characters in the book. Bondurant co-wrote the screenplay with Nick Cave, who significantly changed the Rakes character, played by Guy Pearce.

Pearce phoned Speakeasy to discuss the finer points of his law-breaking character, his distrust of directors and shooting “Iron Man 3.”

How much did you develop the film version of your character, Charlie Rakes?

I didn’t develop him at all. The decision was made early on between Nick Cave (writer) and John Hillcoat (director). They wanted to create the nemesis of this guys. The Charlie Rakes that is in the book is a local and a very different personality and so the decision was made to bring in somebody who was from the outside. Someone of this nature and personality highlighted the bond and family connections that existed within the three brothers and that town. Even though they were working illegally, there was a great strength in the township family. So for someone to come in from the outside, that just highlights that. He is deliciously egotistical and full of vanity and has a little disdain for anyone that he thinks is lower than him. They are all sorts of qualities that were clear on the page.

Many things about your character were a little off, including your hair.

It’s always about the hair.

How did you come up with the hair?

I think the part got wider as the part went on because my hair was slicked down so severely. The edge of the part that was still there, the hair would be pulled out as time went on. It was lucky that I wasn’t shooting for three months instead of three weeks or I would have ended up with a two inch part down the middle.

Who came up with the wide part and the shaved sideburns?

We looked at some reference photographs and we looked at people from the period. There are all sorts of weird haircuts from the period, with sideburns shaved right above the ears and there was someone there with a big wide part and I just jumped on it straightaway. I already had talked to John about having the character pluck his eyebrows, which John was a little nervous about but once it all came together he saw what I was talking about.

Were you nervous?

Once I jumped onboard the parting of the hair, which yes, we did shave, then we took the sideburns up really really high. We dyed my hair black and it was all about creating something that was just a bit off, a bit weird, a bit wrong, a little wrong in this environment that he stepped into. He probably looked strange in the city as well, but he wouldn’t stand out as much as he did in this little town.

You also had a very clipped speech.

It came from the disdain he had of everything around him. One of the things that was written in the script a lot that we sort of lose in the film, in the script we see him spraying perfume in front of him as he walks along because he finds the smell of the air in this place disgusting. And so, this feeling of somebody who thinks everything around him is disgusting, you know if something is disgusting to you and you pull a bit of a face, well that face that you pull dictated how I ended up speaking. There was this slight sneer and so I worked with the dialect coach, we factored in the history of the accent as well not just the way you speak the words, it all came about.

But there’s a fine line between being a strange, eerie sort of villain and a caricature.

Oh yes. He’s way off. Particularly from the point of view of those boys.

How did you walk that line?

You rely on your director. It is very easy to take a character like this too far. I always try to keep it real, but what can real to me can be too much for the camera. It was really pulling back and in a way, shaping. When I do my best work, is when you feel like you are putty in the director’s hands. It doesn’t happen very often because I don’t trust many directors the way that I trust John Hillcoat or Curtis Hanson or Chris Nolan or Ridley Scott. But when you do feel like that and you have absolute trust in the them and they have absolute trust in you, then you feel so inspired to try all sorts of things, it doesn’t matter if you go too far because they will just pull you back, it’s a little bit like conducting an orchestra. And when you have that director, it’s glorious.

Why don’t you trust many directors?

Because I don’t think they have the insight I want them to have. It’s not like I’m standing there but sometimes you’ll say I’m thinking this or this, and the director will glaze over and say, “whichever.” And you go, “okay,” well you don’t care or you just aren’t looking at things closely. John looked at psychology and the weirdness of personality, I just love being around him. I’m prepared to go anywhere. Whereas other directors just go, “just do what you did in that other movie.” That’s an extreme case but sometimes you don’t know until you get on set and you say, “that’s a shame, we’re a bit limited here aren’t we?”

And you pushed it with Hillcoat?

It’s not just the work experience but knowing John’s films and his style, the time that he creates, if I played that character in a different film, I may not get away with it at all. It would be ridiculously over the top. But there’s something about John’s films that I think the camera makes the audience feel like anything can happen in terms of violence and sexuality and romance. Just the surprises of the world can come at you at any time.

You’re working on another villain, Aldrich Killian, in “Iron Man 3.” How’s he different from Charlie Rakes?

I don’t talk about films because I am extremely sensitive and superstitious about it. I can’t give anything to anything outside of the movie.

Where did that superstition come from?

It’s more than a superstition, it’s just like saying I’m making a dinner, wait until it’s done, don’t stick your finger in the bowl. If I share things outside of work then I feel like I’ve given away energy.

Write to Alexandra Cheney at or follow her on Twitter@alexandracheney.

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\Little Love For Space Tourism at AAAS Popular Science

Ice-T: Gun Control Won’t Stop The Deaths

Since last Friday, the entire nation has been in a conversation that hasn’t gone away since the Columbine tragedy: whether or not we should have stricter gun control laws. Now, more and more celebrities seem to be taking sides on the debate, regardless of personal attacks made on their character because of it.

Jason Alexander (“Seinfeld”) sparked a hellacious Twitter war over the weekend when he tweeted about whether or not private citizens should have access to certain types of weapons.

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jason alexander

I cannot understand support for legality of the kind of weapon in this massacre. It’s a military weapon.why should it be in non- mil hands?
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Now, it seems, rapper Ice-T is getting into the mix, giving his opinion on the matter by stating that a lack of guns doesn’t necessarily mean fewer deaths.

he right to bear arms is because it the last form of defense against tyranny,?he said in an interview. f somebody wants to kill people, they don need a gun to do it.?/p>

It’s clear that the nation is divided on whether or not a crackdown on gun control laws will make a difference or if they are a violation of our constitutional rights; what is unclear, however, is whether this latest tragedy will affect the decision.

Tornado Kills Mom While Protecting Her Daughter

Have you ever heard a parent tell you that they would die so their child could live? A mother in Florida actually did die protecting her daughter on June 25th. As tropical storm Debby was barely anything with just 45 mph winds. A tornado was produced that ripped Heather Town’s house off of its foundation and then proceeded to throw the lady, who had her daughter wrapped in her arms, 200 feet into the nearby woods where they were found covered in debris and barbed wire.

am so proud of my daughter,?Elmer Town, Heather father, told WGRZ-TV. can picture her holding that little girl of hers. She died for her.?Town added that his granddaughter suffered a broken pelvis and broken ribs.

Heather Town died at the scene from the injuries that she suffered but her daughter Anne Marie is currently in stable condition at Tampa General Hospital.

hen they found her, she was literally holding her baby, her little girl,?neighbor Kim Bass told WTVT-TV. hey took the little child from her because she was having a hard time breathing and she had barbed wire on her and was in a very dense section of woods, about 50 feet back there.?/p>

This was the ultimate sacrifice that this lady made for her child and I hope that little Ann Marie has a happy and productive life!

Black Friday can be a wonderful day Girard Perregaux Fake Watch to save a lot of money on gifts for the holidays and for yourself.  There are certain things you can do to make shopping at the mall easier on this jam-packed day.  Consider the following strategies.

Get there early

It can be much easier if you get the mall early on Black Friday.  A lot of times the malls get very crowded as the day goes on, but it might be more manageable at the beginning.  Also, you may get some morning only specials. Some items may also go out of stock later in the day.

Look at the ads before you go to the mall

You may want to look at the Black Friday advertisements for the mall stores before you actually go to the mall.  You can see the products that you might be interested in.  You want to be aware of any limited time specials so you can plan for your trip.  You should circle the products that you want, and try to figure out where they are in the mall.  Also, sometimes the mall themselves will have specials.  For instance, the Pembroke Lakes mall in Pembroke Pines, Florida, will often give out mall gift cards if you spend a certain amount of money at the mall. 

Give yourself plenty of time

Shopping at the mall may take much longer than normal.  There are often long lines and you may have to wait for someone to serve you.  Give yourself a lot of time to shop.

Plan how you are going to conduct your trip

You may want to plan which stores you are going to go to first.  Some stores may have deals that expire sooner and you may want to go to them first.  Also, some stores may have items that will go out of stock quicker so those might be on Swiss D&G Replica Watch your priority list as well. 

Think about where you are going to park

Parking at the mall on Black Friday can be very difficult.  Think about this in advance so that you have a plan of attack so to speak.  Think about where there might be more spaces and where it will be more convenient.

When you go to the mall on Black Friday, expect large crowds.  Try to be patient and think of it as an event in itself.  This might help you have a successful shopping experience.

Richard Branson, White Knight and SpaceShipTwo

Seth Fletcher

For someone who follows far-out entrepreneurial space ventures for a living, it good to soak up some skepticism once in a while. And a heavy dose of skepticism about private-industry space tourism is just what I what I got this morning at the annual American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in Boston, during a symposium titled ?0 Years of the Space Age: Looking Back, Looking Forward.?Looking forward, this group of expertsncluding Kathy Sullivan of the Battelle Center for Math and Space Policy, Roald Sagdeev of the University of Maryland-College Park, and Alvin Aldrin, son of Buzz Aldrinees hard times ahead for space tourism entrepreneurs.

It simple economics: Sure, Virgin Galactic could be up and running in the coming years, and they might even turn a profit. But the number of passengers willing to pay for a suborbital flight quick taste of space that Kathy Sullivan bluntly calls a arks probably not large enough to support growth in the space tourism industry, Aldrin and Sullivan agreed. As Aldrin put it, e know nothing about this market.?And without growth, spacecraft remain incredibly expensive to build, spaceflight doesn get cheaper, and large, publicly owned companieshe ones with the real moneyre unlikely to get involved. (An interesting little tangent on the economics of scale in the aerospace industry: According to a chart presented by Aldrin, the Air Force controversial F-22 Raptor is only a little less expensive per pound than Space Shuttle Endeavor).

But back to space tourism: What more, Sullivan said, today space entrepreneurs are still using technology that hasn changed fundamentally since the days of Wernher Von Braun. In other words, nothing happening in Mojave or Las Cruces is likely to create the kind of game-changing technology that would make space travel truly, revolutionarily cheap. Was the panel made up of a bunch of haters? Hardly: Aldrin said he love to go down in history as one of the people who back in the day said, wrongly, that there was no market for space tourism. But unfortunately the view from Boston, Earth, 2008, is sobering.

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