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In a healthy relationship, where there is trust and openness between the couple not only is the answer yes, but I would add that the wife should join in on the fun.  Seriously though, as with anything in life it really depends on the relationship, the situation and the amount of porn in question.  If the husband is watching the porn instead of paying attention to his wife then I could see the wife having a few problems with this.  But this has to more do with their basic relationship and less with the actual watching of the porn.

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The issue of pornography is a complex one and it really depends on how much, what type and why a particular person consumes porn that determines if this is a ‘problem’ for that person or not.  The feminist part of me has serious issues with the exploitation of women in porn and of the violence against women that is often blatant or more subliminal in pornographic images and videos.  In pornography women are often depicted as objects and are treated as such.  Pornography is mostly directed at men and for this reason it often draws on and fuels the darkest fantasies of the male phsyche.

But there is another side to porn and to ignore that would be unfair.  Very often healthy men and women need an outlet for these fantasies.  Even if they are in a loving and committed relationship.  Sometimes these images can be used to spice up a relationship in times of need, or be a fun sex game for a couple so inclined.   The hard truth is that both men and women fantasize about people outside of their relationships.  Many would never, if given the choice, leave their partner for the fantasy, or even go through with it if presented with the possibility.   While it would be nice if everyone was perfect and never had these desires, most people are not perfect.

I can’t speak for anyone else, everyone is different and different people have different levels of tolerance.  But in my case, if the escapes are occasional, they don’t take away from my loving time and I am also allowed to have ‘illicit’ fantasies, then I am not going to kill myself because my partner reads or watches porn.

We live in a world were people are allowed fewer and fewer freedoms, while we hear the mantra that we are doing all this to preserve our freedom.  Children are monitored, scanned and searched in schools, soon going to the airport will require a virtual strip search.  The private lives of celebrities are detailed in excruciating detail and their transgressions are met with what can only be called modern day lynchings.

In this world I think it is essential that people be at least allowed to have their fantasies.  So long as they remain fantasies, I see no reason to expect men to be saints and not have any, expecting them simply to be good men rather than perfect seems enough for me.

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Dolce & Gabbana are suing a costume jewelry retailer near Cape Tape, South Africa, for naming her store Dolce and Banana.


Dolce & Gabbana are suing a costume jewelry retailer for naming her store Dolce and Banana.

The luxury Italian label have decided to take legal action against Mijou Beller – who has owned the shop in a fishing village near Cape Town, South Africa, for 12 years – after accusing her of ”objectionable conduct” and of ”diluting” the luxury brand’s name.

The 300-page affidavit – which was filed in the Cape Town High Court by Cristiana Ruella, a board member of Gado, the holding company of Dolce & Gabbana – also alleges that ”the name Dolce and Banana makes a mockery of the well-known trademark Dolce & Gabbana”.

Beller said she didn’t have the means to fight the lawsuit, and responded by rebranding her store, calling it Banana.

The label’s law firm Spoor & Fisher, which said Beller had ignored two previous warnings, the first one sent six years ago.

She has tried to reach out to Stefano Gabbana by sending him a message on twitter, that read: ”Dear Stefano, please let us be. And visit us in Cape Town. I have always admired your famous sense of humor so present in your brand and in your designs. And although I appreciate that Dolce & Gabbana is a very successful commercial enterprise, I fail to understand why Dolce and Banana is a threat.”

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